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"The Mass of a Partition is the Major Factor in it's Ability to Block Sound"


One of the biggest factors in blocking sound transmission through a partition is mass.  Adding additional mass to a wall, ceiling, or floor will help reduce sound transmission.


When planning a soundproofing project, space constraints can become a BIG issue in a SMALL room.  MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl is a highly dense material and only takes up an 1/8" of space while providing 1 pound per square foot of mass (MF-10).


MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl is flexible and can be wrapped around piping, studs, and any other obstructions.  Mass Loaded Vinyl provides limp mass which deflects sound and reduces vibration.


MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl has a wide range of applications including walls, ceilings, floors, industrial machinery, household appliances, around pipes, exterior fences, doors, window plugs.

Sound SealR Acoustic Sound Blocking Sealant

Acoustical Sealant

MetroFlex Sound SealR is an acoustical sealant that was specifically designed and tested for use with MetroFlex Mass Loaded Vinyl.  Sound SealR sealant is used to seal joints and seams of mass loaded vinyl.